Machine Quilting Services

                               Machine Quilting Services

 30+ combined years experience on State of the Art Nolting Quilting Machines & Intelliquilter



We strive to make it super easy to get your quilting done! One price for everything- quilting, thread and batting!

You are welcome to call if you have any questions! 913-649-2704

Services Offered-

      Computerized Quilting - 2.5 cents per square inch(batting & thread included) -Over 400 Designs available!

                                                                 See Designs Here

  • Binding Services -  $1.75 per running foot + fabric
  • Quilt Labels - Printed by computer on to fabric  $25
  • Backing Seams - $20 per seam  
    Quilt Preparation if necessary-  $40 hr
  • Batting & Thread included! Choose: 80/20 blend, 100% cotton or polyester included in price
                                                             Silk, Wool, Cotton/Wool & Bamboo available for an addl fee

  • We Stock Hobbs Batting, Quilters Dream and Stitch In Time Quilt Batting®
  • Square up & trim for binding - no charge ( must state if not desired)
  •  Helpful Tips for Quilt Preparation - optional                                                        

     Please measure for your borders so they lay flat with the quilt. ( extra fullness in the borders may create the need for tucks to quilt your top flat)

     Trim all loose threads so they don't show through your background fabric after quilting 

      When piecing the backing, use a minimum 1/2" seam to prevent the seam from coming open during the quilting process. (This is on the back and we can not see it until the              quilt is finished.) 

    Trim off any selvedge that is in the backing seam. (The selvedge is a tighter weave and will shrink differently creating puckers in your backing when washed.) Please make sure      there is still a 1/2" seam allowance after trimming. The easy way is to use a 1" seam allowance then trim half off.

    Press backing seams open, please. 

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