One of my greatest joys is helping people create a quilt
that preserves their memories. There are many ways of
creating these unique quilts and sometimes we
include several methods in one quilt.
... Lyn Heilman - QuiltedMemories


T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts by QuiltedMemoriesLLCHave you been saving t-shirts for years?  Treasured memories are attached to each of those shirts or you wouldn't still have them around!  Let's take those t-shirts/sweatshirts and make a custom quilt! I use only quality materials when creating your custom quilt. I will work with you in the design process,  choosing the colors and design layout for your quilt. When your quilt is returned to you, it will be completely finished including professional long arm quilting and machine binding. If you want t-shirt  blocks with sashing, corner stones, and borders as in the sample t-shirt quilt, 12 shirts will make an over sized throw , almost a twin size quilt. T-shirts with a design on the front and back can be used for 2 blocks. T-shirt quilts with sashing, cornerstones, and borders start at $20 a shirt design(including materials and labor). Rather than quote you a “ rubber stamp” price for your custom memory quilt (making it not so custom) I prefer to discuss  your choices with you so we can create the custom quilt you deserve before quoting an estimate for the price of your quilt and the expected wait time. PLEASE do not cut your shirts in preparation for the quilt making.


Photograph Quilts

Photograph Quilts by QuiltedMemoriesLLCPhoto quilts make such a great statement on a theme!  The pictured photo quilt was made to commemorate a 65th wedding anniversary.  Included in this quilted wall hanging are pictures from earlier anniversaries, wedding photograph, wedding invitation and newspaper announcement transferred to fabric, and pieces of lace and fabric from the original wedding dress.  Your pictures are returned to you unharmed or you may provide them in digital form ( picture quality).  Just imagine the possibilities-vacations, pets, grandchildren, sports , your favorite cars and more!!!! Photo quilts start at $25 a picture  block(including material and labor).  I look forward to discussing your quilt with you!


Memorial Quilts

Do you have a loved one that has passed that you would like to remember?  Preserve those memories in a quilt made from their clothing; shirts, pants, uniforms, formal wear, dresses, ties, handkerchiefs,and suits. I can include almost anything made of fabric as well as patches and  insignia that you want sewn on the quilt. I can include machine embroidered sayings in your quilt, perhaps something your loved one said frequently. Pictures, diplomas, wedding certificates amongst other treasured items can be printed on   fabric for inclusion in your quilt. This will not harm the originals in any way. Many of my clients have buttons, pins, tie tacks, brooches, etc. that they want added to their quilt. Most of these items can be easily attached after your quilt is finished. Memorial quilts can be very helpful in the grieving process.  We will work together to plan your memorial quilt and make it something extra special for you. Please call or e-mail with any questions you may have. May your memorial quilt provide much comfort to you.



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